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Digital Recycling

Digital recycling

  Concept of recycling.

 "Process aimed use of materials used in new products, thus enabling a more rational use of natural resources"

 The importance of recycling refers directly to environmental preservation concept, nonrenewable resource protection and population education.Thus refers to the term "digital recycling" as the renewal not only of digital equipment such as old PCS, printers, CRT monitors, old copies machines or even mobile devices such as mobile phones, amateur radio, and so on.Today we look for quick solutions and practices to our daily lives, we always want the best phone, the best car, the best place in the cinema, always comfort, practicality and economy, but we always think only, not the collective.Technology today haunts us with a mountain of things every day that we hardly know whether this is beneficial or not for us.

 Anxiety to have something is greater than the need to have something, and further with the features proposed in the market, we have always tried in something.

 All day a ton of said equipment as "old" is thrown away or discarded at authorized collection centers, but what is obsolete and old for some may be the beginning of freedom for others.

 The concept of digital recycling is based not only on the reuse of materials and outdated products, but also on social inclusion and digital people who do not have access to these materials.

 The compulsiveness and that "idiopathic need" may so call causes we generate piles and junk piles, nowadays everything deteriorates quickly or have early maintenance, just like the market wants.There are products with very good quality and origin, which obviously generate a much higher cost, but being so we can reflect on whether this product is really necessary for my use or not.

  Recycling is always necessary, but we must consider how this will be done, with immediate action and sharp or research and persistence.